Richmond Event Photography - Burn Both Ends, a conference for growing businesses that like to have fun (seriously!)

I was so, so delighted to photograph the Burn Both Ends conference here in Richmond, Virginia. Burn Both Ends is an "all-day conference for growing businesses and the people behind them to learn and connect within a community that understands if it doesn't exist yet, you have to build it." It was created by the crazy talented women over at The Content Chop Shop and Campfire & Co.

The day started with an amazing master of ceremony, Mr. Beau Cribbs, owner and founder of Relish. Besides mingling with attendees, I was busy shooting the morning keynotes by Jim Coe and Free Egunfemi, as well as the workshops led by Maria PahujaMonica Brinkley DavisElisabeth Edelman, and the people over at VCC + NRV. It was such a rich, stimulating day and I am happy to have been part of it!

Are you hosting an event or a conference here in RVA? Need a photographer?! Drop me a line, I would love to come by and document all your hard work and thoughtfulness...!

RebelleCon 2017 - Lifestyle Design Conference for the Entrepreneurial Woman

It was such a pleasure to photograph RebelleCon's 2017 Lifestyle Design Conference for the Entrepreneurial Woman here in Richmond, Virginia. The conference kicked off with a super fun cocktail welcome party over at Candella Gallery on Broad. Belle Isle Craft Spirits provided some delicious moonshine mixed drinks and DJ Ant Boogie gave us some groovy tunes. My favorite part of the night was watching as so many wonderful women met and connected, enjoying one another's company and learning more about each other. It's not easy as a small business owner to network and to meet other entrepreneurs, and RebelleCon's welcome party was the perfect opportunity to do just that! I loved connecting with like minded women here in Richmond!

Day 2 began at Dogtown Dance Theater, and Anika and Shannon had such an amazing set of guests lined up for the morning: To begin, attendees had a short meditation led by Allison Walton from & BE WELL. The number one goal of & BE WELL is a "conscious approach towards living well through nourishment, holistic lifestyle practices, movement, events & workshops." I love that...!

Next up was Jessamyn Stanley, who traveled to RVA from Durham, NC to talk about her experience and journey with Yoga. Jessamyn is the author of Every Body Yoga, which is "a book of inspiration for beginners of all shapes and sizes: if Jessamyn could transcend these emotional and physical barriers, so can we." She was funny, sweet, and sincere, a great inspiration to me!

Next came a self care strategy session led by Racheal Cook. Her short talk really stuck with me, she encouraged and challenged us to tackle the feelings of being overwhelmed and burned out, and be thoughtful and intentional about ways to change our businesses to fit our lives. Not the other way around! From her website, "You dream of business success, on your terms. Success that allows you to do what you love {and be well paid for it} while having the freedom to live the life you really want." Isn't that what we all want!?

After a quick break for coffee (thanks, Alchemy!) and snacks, Tonya Rapley took the stage to chat with us about money (and it was REAL TALK, thank goodness!). She started My Fab Finance "in 2013, at a time when [her] financial life was out of order." She says, "It was time to stop acting like I had it all together and start getting it together." ...Amen! ;)

The final speaker before lunch was Claire Wasserman, founder of Ladies Get Paid, a career development organization that helps women advocate for themselves at work. Claire led a really awesome Money Mindset Exercise and challenged us all to be open and honest with ourselves (and each other) about money. Ladies Get Paid focuses on providing women with a platform to be heard, and providing education, employment, and community. Ladies Get Paid is an amazing resource...!

There were several more amazing women involved as speakers and panelists (and one amazing fellow! ;) but after lunch I left town for a shoot so Kelci took over on photography duty and did a great job. A quick shout out to the ladies of Lustre Home for creating such a beautiful space, and to Bethany over at Guestroom Creative for all her incredible design work. If you are hoping to connect with other female business owners, movers and shakers here in Richmond, I hope you will consider attending the next RebelleCon! It's would be the perfect opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Lastly, if you are looking for an event photographer, go ahead and head over to my contact page, I would love to chat more with you!


How delicious does that glass of beer look?! I recently had the chance to work alongside Elisabeth over at Golden Word Co. This time, we wanted to create some delicious, simple product photos for Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, highlighting both the flavor and history of their Gingerbread Stout beer.

We were able to use just natural light for these images, and I love the subtle shadows the directional window light creates. I also love the simple, clean color palette. Elisabeth did a great job styling the shots and of course, the images with the honey and ginger are some of my favorites. I am already looking forward to fall...!


I loved creating this select set of product shots for Veritas Vineyards & Winery. Elisabeth over at Golden Word Co. contacted me, asking for just three simple, elegant shots to use in a contest submission. She wanted to highlight Veritas' Petite Verdot, which has subtle hints of blackberries and sage.

We were able to use just natural light and a few simple details to create these, and I love how elegant and refined they turned out. 


Coastal New England is home to some of the most beautiful, quaint landscapes and quiet vignettes. I really loved living in Boston and having so many opportunities to travel up and down the coast--from Cape Cod all the way up to northern Maine, to the mountains of New Hampshire back down to Rhode Island and Connecticut.

It's always a balance to me, traveling and enjoying time away, but not worrying too much about lugging around a camera and documenting every little detail. At the same time, it is so important to me that I honor those trips and that I also take that time to explore creatively.'s all about balance!

Shooting film has really impacted my personal work. I love the simplicity of it and am really thankful I learned to shoot it years ago. When I travel, I can take my grandpa's old 35mm Canon AE-1 and 50mm lens, not worry too much about perfect exposures and instead focus mostly on composition. Or I can take one of my medium format bodies and get really rich, detailed negatives. Usually, though, I take my newer 35mm camera--the Canon 1V--paired with a wider lens. This gets me quick autofocus but also nice, wider landscapes. I don't have to think too much when I shoot and that's how I like it on vacation. The best part of shooting film for personal work is that you don't have A TON of photos to sift through afterward, just a few dozen, depending on how many rolls you shot. You don't have to sit in front of the computer and edit your files, they come back from the lab looking wonderfully classic and clean. You can enjoy the process of taking the images, and the final product, without the busy work in between.

Here are just a few images from my time traveling up and down coastal New England. All of these images were shot on 35mm or medium format film, a mix of Portra 400, Fuji 400, and Ilford XP2.