Relaxed Headshots of Julie and Allison of O'My Gelato

I had the best time meeting up with Allison and Julie of O'My Gelato. These two were looking to have a set of relaxed, simple portraits made for them to use for future promotional opportunities. I love how these turned out! If you're looking for relaxed, warm, natural headshots, check out the portrait gallery on my website and drop me a line! Also, if you haven't tried O'My's line of allergen friendly (dairy free, yay!) gelatos, head over to Good Foods Grocery or Elwood's and pick up a pint or two--I hear the chocolate is a fan favorite...! ;)

Visual Arts Center of Richmond, a look at their Adult Summer Classes

This project was hands down one of my favorites this year. Do you guys know all about the amazing classes offered through the Visual Arts Center of Richmond? They've got classes on basketry, loom weaving, metal jewelry, wheel throwing, woodworking, pastels and paints, drawing, sewing, flame working, darkroom photography, glass fusing and slumping, digital design, and so much more. It is seriously one of the best and coolest resources in RVA for learning new things and for creative exploration!

The folks over at VISARTS contacted me about creating content for them to use on their website and social media. They really wanted to highlight the amazing classes and spaces, teacher and student interactions, and the diversity of people participating in their programs. The classes really are accessible to all ages and skill levels! I could not have had a better time--it was so neat to see all the different materials, processes, techniques and spaces. How fun are these images?! Don't they make you want to stop what you're doing right now and go look at the fall class line-up!? Well don't wait any longer, go check it out! There's something for everyone, truly.

Be sure to pop back over to the blog though! I got to hang out with the Artventure classes as well and have some really fun photos to share from my time with the kids. Stay tuned!

B Side Collective - a look at the chefs and bakers featured in B Side volume II, "Food + Beverage"

Holy cow, you guys! I'm not sure if you heard, but a few months ago the second volume of the B Side Collective magazine was released and I am so happy to see it printed and stocked at various locations around the city! I had the absolute best time working on on the project. Have you had a chance to peek at the most recent issue?! It tells the stories of women in the food and beverage industry here in Richmond, and it is chock full of amazing stories, illustrations, and images. I had to break my own blog posts up into two sections: bakers/chefs and bosses/businesses owners. Really, the lines are very blurry and each amazing woman featured in the magazine plays many roles--chef, creative, boss, and business owner. But posting all the images in one post would be just too crazy, so bear with me.

It's hard to think of what to write when really, what you need to do is pick up a copy for yourself and dive into the beautiful and inspiring stories. It was such an honor to have the chance to meet all of these hard working women and to photograph them, often in their beautiful spaces. In case you don't recognize everyone, from the top you'll find:

Olivia Wilson, executive pastry chef and co-owner of Brenner Pass + Chairlift

Jenny Tremblay West, pastry chef and owner of Kitchen Coach

Maria Oseguera, co-owner of Maya on Grace

Meryl Hillerson, pastry chef and co-owner of Charm School

Jess Widener - pastry chef and co-owner of Four Forks

Genovia Brown, owner of Geescakes

Arley Arringon, baker + artist + social entrepreneur at Arley Cakes

Kendra Feather, owner of Laura Lee's, Ipanema, and Garnett's Cafe, co-owner of The Roosevelt

Brittanny Anderson, co-owner of Brenner Pass and Metzger Bar & Butchery

Shola Walker, pastry chef and owner of Mahogany Sweets

You can order your own copy of B Side here, or else hop over to Accoutre, Boketto, Bridget Beari Designs, Dear Neighbor, Ginger Juice, Little Nomad, Lucid Living, or #loveyou to pick up a copy right here in RVA! 

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Sarah of Riddle Design Co. and Emily of HerrSuite. Sarah did all the design work for this issue, and Emily is responsible for the ridiculously creative illustrations for this issue. Honestly a dream team. <3

Ladies, Wine & Design RVA Chapter

Have you guys heard of Ladies, Wine & Design!? It's a groovy group, started by Jessica Walsh, with the aim to promote community among female designers through "mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks, and creative meet-ups." And how exciting, Sarah from Riddle Design Co. and Bridgit from BK + Co. started a Richmond chapter...! I was delighted to photograph their first ever chapter meeting, over at The Broad, with speaker Jennifer Elsner present to share more of her experience working with clients and growing her design business.

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, enjoy a glass of wine, admire all the beautiful decor and design at The Broad, and hang out with such talented women.

Are you hosting an event here in Richmond? Looking to have it professionally photographed? Drop me a line, I would love to swing by and document it for you!

The evolution of a master bath with RIC Design Build - Richmond, VA renovation photography

How pretty is this freshly renovated master bathroom!? I loved working with Matt over at RIC Design Build to document the progress of this renovation here in Richmond. Honestly, I can never really tell what he's going to do with a space when we start. But by the end, I am absolutely struck by how beautiful everything is. Can't wait to share more from our work together these past few months.

Are you renovating a house here in Richmond? Would you like photos of the before, during, and after? Hit me up! I would love to chat more with you about collaborating on your upcoming project...!